Best Places to Visit in China

Best Places to Visit in China

Before talking about best places to visit in China, it will be better if you know more about China generally. When hear about China, for sure you will remember about a big country with the biggest population in the world. China is the famous country in Asia. It has a long history and story. The most famous history is about the Great Wall of China. This is a proof that China is a strong country. Not only has a great history, China also has some great places to visit. There are many destinations spot in this country. If you are come to this country, you will enjoy the stunning view with the amazing history in it. There is an imperial Palace in Beijing, and then there is terracotta Army, in another side there is Hangzhou and the historic Grand Canal.

All of those places have their own history, so the visitors will be surprised to watch it. That’s why many international tourists come to this country to spend their time. In this occasion you will be know about some travel destinations in China. Because of this article will show you some references about China travel. Check it out.

Beijing: Home of the imperial palace and Forbidden City

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Beijing Home of the imperial palace and Forbidden City

Home of imperial palace is the home of old emperor. This is a complex building with a large area. The last dynasty in China is called by dynasty Qing is the last dynasty in this palace. There are 114 buildings in Forbidden City. This is a great of historical proof of China. If you want to go to China, you must visit this Place.

Historic Xi’an: the Terracotta Army

Historic Xi’an the Terracotta Army

The next destination you must visit in China is Terracotta Army. This is a long story of warriors in Xi’an. The history is about guarded by an army more than 6.000 terracotta soldiers, the emperor’s tomb would remain hidden for more than 2.200 years. It is a one of the favorite destinations in China. So don’t forget to visit this place.

Hangzhou and the historic Grand Cana

Hangzhou and the historic Grand Canal

The grand canal of Hangzhou is about 1.200 mile-long. This is very large and long, that’s why is called by Grand Canal. As the public destination in China, there is waterway in this river ancient China. It is runs between Beijing and Hangzou.

Well, the history of China had successes to make all people Amazed and speechless. And one more thing, you don’t need to doubt to visit China, because of it is always giving the best service for their tourist or visitors. If you are come there, you will get the fast service and amazing view. And then, the most important thing is; the government of China gives free visa for all tourists to travel in this country. Not only can enjoy amazing views, you will also able to shop in some shopping spot in China. So, don’t worry about the cost. Hopefully this article will able to increase your knowledge, more over about China travel. See you next time and good luck.

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